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Good decisions are based on good insights

Brandi provides audience targeting based on real shoppers' data, while providing new ways to Measure & Analyze your campaigns for you to make the right choices for your business and customers.


Know the real impact of your marketing activities

When it comes to marketing, you should only pay for what works!

CPG Brands have limited data to understand their marketing effectiveness. Get unbiased insights into the true value of your marketing outcomes.

Real Impact

Boost your marketing with real shoppers data

Marketing Boost
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Superb Targeting 

On Facebook, Google & Brandi's platform, based on shoppers purchases and AI behavioral analysis

Measure Campaign Efficiency

Using shopper purchasing data both online & offline


Compare & Optimize marketing messages & ads to maximize your Brand's ROI

Journey Continuation

Top up your digital customer journey with targeted personal offering on Brandi's platform

Superb Audience Targeting

Target your audience based on real shopping habits!
Audience setups according to your campaign goals: 

  • Loyalty Enhancement – for existing customers

  • New Customers – competitors’ shoppers etc.

  • Abandoned customers

  • Cross Category Expansion

  • Mass to Premium  

  • Ad-hoc - Tailor-made for your needs

Audience Targeting

Proven Results


Sales lift

vs. traditional targeting


Market share lift


New customers acquisition

Long Term 



of Customer Journeys


Measure & Analyze

Get clear insights into the real value of your paid campaigns, segment your test groups and get full control of every stage.

Analyze your campaign objectives & results over time:

  • Market share lift

  • New customers engagement

  • Brand Loyalty

  • Incremental lift

  • Basket size and cross category expansion

Analysis Reports


Optimize your campaigns – Ongoing!

Get clear insights into the real value of each ad. Compare ROAS and other critical Sales & loyalty measures. Make continuous changes to maximize your brand's ROI at all times.


A-B Testing Optimization

a-b test table.jpg

Ad B Results

Measure & Analyze

Integration with Retailers' Personalized messaging

  • Continue your FB/Google impressions campaign to the shopper’s critical decision time

  • Integrate your ad with weekly personalized offering sent to the retailers' loyalty program members

  • Compare the effectiveness & ROI of a full journey 

  • Control your ads targeting based on purchasing results


More likely to buy


Conversion Rate
for read messages

Customer Journey

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