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What is Brandi

A Perfect Match Between Consumers & Goods

Drive revenue growth by personalizing every message you send

What is Brandi

What is Brandi

Replace your generic marketing messages with a personalized targeted message sent to each consumer based on his/her own customer behavior and purchasing predictions with top notch designs and cross platform support.

Based on our advanced AI & BI algorithm, Brandi provides holistic marketing solution for your loyalty program while keeping your data secured & privacy regulated.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Increase Sales & Profits

Personalized messaging improves customer engagement & satisfaction and drive sales by increasing average basket size & visit frequency.

Shoppers who see Brandi's advertising increase purchases by 16%


Personalized Messaging

Our proprietary algorithm ranks each promo based on dozens of attributes & parameters per customer to maximize customers' purchases and wallet spent at your store

Dashboard & Analytics

Our state of the art live dashboard enables continuous improvement of your business results and will keep you on track with all your KPI's and Loyalty Program business goals. 


Simple to Use

Brandi's platform was designed from scratch to allow full autonomies and to flawless work with minimum manual intervention.  No dedicated resources required nor technological expertise.

Collaborate with Brands to maximize your categories' sales 


Leverage Brands’ luxurious marketing budgets to lift sales both offline & online.


Allow brands to create targeted campaigns to match your loyalty program shoppers' habits. Drive them to your stores to purchase, while keeping your data secured and privacy regulated


Targeted customers generate over 16% sales lift at retailer's store.

How it Works

How it Works
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