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A Perfect Match Between Consumers & Goods

Drive revenue growth by personalizing every message you send

What is Brandi

What is Brandi

Our system replaces your generic marketing messages with a personalized targeted message sent to each consumer based on his/her own customer behavior.

The system provides A-Z solution for loyalty program management including a secured & regulated data warehouse platform, advanced analytics, automated marketing messaging system.


Monetize your loyalty program's data.
No loyalty program or database yet?

No problem, we'll create one for you!


Shoppers who read Brandi's personalized messages
increase purchases by 14%


Brandi comes with state of the art live dashboard for continuous improvement of your business results

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

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Increase Sales & Profits

Personalized messaging improves customer engagement & satisfaction to increase average basket size & visit frequency.

Personalized Messaging

Our unique algorithm ranks each promo based on dozens of attributes & parameters per customer to maximize customers' purchases.

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Our state of the art live dashboard enables continuous improvement of your business results.

Simple to Use

Self sufficient platform - no company resources required nor technological expertise.


How it Works

How it Works
  • Who are you Brandi?
    Brandi is a holistic solution for personalizing data in the FMCG retail market. Our platform provides End-to-End solution for retailers to provide their consumers with precise and personalized offers using top-notch user interface messages and emails. Transforming your legacy database to personalizing marketing machine without any requirement for internal expertise or heavy investments.
  • What do you do for me as a retailer?
    Automatically personalize the marketing/promo messages you send to your customers. Our unique algorithm rates each promotional campaign separately for each shopper based on his/her shopping behavior, using dozens of attributes per SKU, micro-profiling, price sensitivity per category and many other factors. This allows shortlisting campaigns per shopper - they each automatically receive their own retailer-branded personalized message/email.
  • Why do I need you as a retailer?
    If you send one generic message to all your customers, it means you send diapers & baby promos to bachelors and grandparents, meat promos to vegetarians, chocolates promos to people on a diet… We will make sure the right promos reach each consumer, increasing engagement in your marketing messages, which in turn will increase visit frequency & basket size – hence your sales and profits. You have 100,000 customers? Our system will generate 100,000 different messages!
  • What is your market experience?
    Brandi currently receives customer & sales data of over 150,000 shoppers on a daily basis.
  • What are Brandi's business results?
    Customers who open Brandi's personal message buy 16% more on the following week! Brandi's message gets conversions in 64% of the messages!
  • Why would my customers like your service?
    63% of customers expect the retailer to use their shopping routine to improve customer experience. Only 42% feel their retailer / brand is doing it successfully! Well… It's 2020, and most retailers still send their customers generic marketing & promo messages. Most of the content being sent is irrelevant to the customer, he in return treats these messages as junk and sometimes even asks to unsubscribe. Our service personalizes each message, maximizing relevant consumer content to increase customer's satisfaction & retention.
  • How does it actually work?
    Brandi connects straight to your tills or your loyalty program database, whichever you prefer. We import your promo grid and run Brandi's unique algorithm to rate each promo separately for each shopper. Our system analyzes each shopper by his/her behavior to predict what they are most likely to purchase next. The process ends with a shortlist of 15-20 campaigns per shopper, which will be sent on a pre-designated time agreed by the retailer. This message will be automatically populated by the system with the retailer's own layout and logo.
  • I don't even have a customer database. Can Brandi still operate?
    Yes, of course. We will create a new database, register it (if required by local law) and operate it for you. The process will remain identical with us taking the workload from you completely! No internal resources required.
  • How can I know my customers' data is secure?
    Our connections are encrypted and servers secured. We use permissions management & an audit system is in place. We uphold all local privacy & security regulations, including GDPR where required.
  • I'm a medium size retailer with no internal IT capabilities. Can we still work with you?
    Of course, no problem at all! Our tech guys will do all the heavy lifting. We will plug our server into your database or just connect to the till system. From there on our system is self-sufficient and no internal resources are needed.
  • This all sound amazing. Your costs must be very high?
    Not at all. We have a flexible pricing system to suit retailers in all sizes in all regions of the world.
  • How can I learn more?
    Feel free to contact us via email / chat. We will be more than happy to share more details and schedule a meeting with you wherever you are.
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